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We asked teachers on our Facebook community, Teachers for Change, for advice on how to make invigilating go as smoothly as possible. Here are their top 10 tips.

BlackBlueGray JV JV Mesh SAS SAS Learners and teachers are presently in the midst of the November exams. At this time of year teachers are as stressed as the learners, with piles of marking work to get through, planning lessons for next year’s classes to do and invigilating duties to perform before the well-deserved summer holiday.

Before the  exam:

  1. Make sure the learners clear their desks before they start writing.
  2. SAS JV JV BlackBlueGray SAS Mesh Learners must put their school bags in front of the class before the exam begins.
  3. Collect learners’ cellphones and store them in a safe place until after the exam.
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  5. Only the necessary writing materials should be on the desks – no pencil bags or tins.
  6. Make sure there are no notes hidden in, for example, learners’ calculator covers.

During the exam:

  1. Learners may not borrow writing materials from one another. If you hand out extra writing paper put your initials and date on each sheet.
  2. For primary school learners boards separating them work well. If a board falls over you know one of the learners was too lively.
  3. During the exam you must walk up and down between the desks – don’t fiddle with your cellphone or read a book.
  4. Be alert for learners watching you all the time or continually fiddling with their clothing or a specific item on their desks.
  5. Have learners lie on their arms when they’ve finished writing. This will prevent them looking around.

Shané Barnard

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